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We are a campaigning organisation that engages with global justice and ecological sustainability issues through our publications, educational resources and political activism.

Our writings and perspectives are published on our website, and widely communicated through our various networks. We often present our work at conferences, civil society events and other fora in order to generate support for STWR’s activities and proposals.

Alongside other campaigners and progressive organisations across the world, our goal is to mobilise a diverse movement of ordinary citizens who agree on the urgent need to transform the global economy so that wealth and resources are more equally shared, both within and between countries. 

Much of the inspiration for our work comes from a series of books and articles by STWR’s founder, Mohammed Mesbahi. These ‘studies on the principle of sharing’ draw on unique perspectives—spiritual and psychological as well as social, economic and political—to expound STWR’s vision of a massive worldwide movement to end hunger and poverty. The ongoing publications provide a cogent insight into STWR’s aims and purposes, and elucidate a visionary conception of progressive political themes such as the commons, the sharing economy and a universal basic income.

Our campaigning priorities are based on the simple vision that Mesbahi articulates of a more equal world based on sharing, justice and right human relations. The call for implementing basic socioeconomic rights (as encapsulated in Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights) is at the heart of our various activities, which we promote through our advocacy work and participation in peaceful mass demonstrations.

To learn more about our activities you can keep track of our events page, sign up to our newsletter, or get in touch with us directly via our contact page.