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Organisation signatures

Below is a list of organisations that support the global call for sharing

85 organisations have signed the statement as of 15/06/2024
Date Organisation Country Website Address
15/06/2024 SAGESSE et PARTAGE France http://sharing.resources.blog.free.fr/index.php?pages/Sharing-Resources-Fran%C3%A7ais
27/05/2024 Sharing-Resourses collective France http://sharing.resources.blog.free.fr
06/09/2019 Womens International League for Peace and Freedom Tucson AZ USA United States
10/07/2019 Seven Billion Today Hong Kong S.A.R., China https://sevenbilliontoday.com/home/world
09/07/2019 Mobilized United States http://www.mobilized.news
22/12/2017 Luminanda United States http://www.luminanda.com
22/10/2017 TruTrade Uganda http://www.trutrade.org
04/03/2017 Institute for Planetary Synthesis Switzerland http://www.ipsgeneva.com
01/12/2016 World Basic Income United Kingdom http://www.worldbasicincome.org.uk
22/09/2016 Pan African Institute for Development-West Africa, Bamenda Center Cameroon http://www.paidafrica.org/paidwa
18/09/2016 Youth Advocacy Nepal (YAN) Nepal http://www.yan.org.np
07/09/2016 PEP International Foundation Netherlands http://www.pepinternational.nl
29/07/2016 Leicester Peace and Love Collective United Kingdom
11/07/2016 Society for Psychological Rehabilitation Cameroon
26/05/2016 Socrates Fund Management Ltd New Zealand
24/05/2016 Anjuman Falah E Niswan Pakistan http://www.afnpk.org
12/03/2016 Share Adelaide Australia http://www.shareadelaide.com
09/03/2016 Read the Dirt United States http://www.readthedirt.org
09/03/2016 WhyHunger United States http://www.whyhunger.org
26/01/2016 Weltmenschverein Austria http://www.weltmenschverein.org
15/01/2016 Dalit and Rural Poor Development Organization India
08/01/2016 The Rules United States http://www.therules.org
22/12/2015 Global Hub for the Common Good United Kingdom http://www.commongoodhub.com
15/12/2015 United Earth Netherlands http://www.united-earth.vision
14/12/2015 Noomap Netherlands http://www.noomap.info
25/11/2015 Društvo SVET ZA VSE Slovenia http://www.medsebojna-delitev.si
14/09/2015 The Centre for Welfare Reform United Kingdom http://www.centreforwelfarereform.org
09/08/2015 Schule des Lebens Mensch-Natur-Kultur Austria http://www.schule-des-lebens.at
08/08/2015 Achievers Football Academy Nigeria
28/07/2015 LTCC United Kingdom