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Festival to fight inequality


Friday, 13th August 2021 to Saturday, 14th August 2021



We are in the fight of our lives. The Festival to Fight Inequality is a digital shelter, a space for the growing inequality movement to reconnect and recharge around our common struggles and solutions. 

Covid-19 has supercharged existing inequalities: while billionaire´s wealth rises dramatically, austerity is imposed on health, education, and social protection systems across the world. Our challenges are many - vaccine apartheid, unemployment, racism, patriarchy, climate crisis, hunger, and many more. The need for systemic change is urgent, but it won't come from the rich, nor from individual effort alone; we need each other. 

Join thousands of activists from all over the world, connecting for two days in five languages to organise, reimagine and strategise together for a recovery from Covid-19 that supercharges the fight against inequality. Together in plenaries, Festival Sessions, movement building spaces, skill shares, with arts and music. Let's create an avalanche of protest - online and offline - to build a just, equal and sustainable future for all.

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