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Make Polluters Pay

make polluters pay


Saturday, 23rd September 2023


Make Polluters Pay, UK

On Saturday 23 September activists across the UK will be joining forces for a nationwide day of action to Make Polluters Pay.

Wealthy countries are failing communities on the frontline of the climate emergency.  Despite their promises to fund loss and damage at the the Paris Agreement - the landmark conference for climate change -  we have witnessed nothing but years of inaction.

The greed of oil giants and other corporate polluters is driving climate chaos. Some of the worst offenders are British companies like Shell and BP. Activists are calling on the government to make them pay for the loss and damage they are causing.

The Make Polluters Pay coalition is a movement of UK organisations standing together to demand that the UK government pays into a climate loss and damage fund for countries in the global south. Taxing corporate polluters’ obscene profits is the most just way to fund this. The U.K government needs to step up to the table, and to call for an International Loss and Damage fund, paid for the world's biggest polluters. 

It's time those who caused the crisis paid for it too.

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