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Online event: School of Advanced Study (SAS), University of London


Thursday, 10th December 2020


Share The World's Resources (STWR), London, UK

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights has celebrated its 70th anniversary, but few people are aware of its radical implications for achieving a better world.

In this online presentation and discussion hosted by Share The World's Resources (STWR), a political campaigning group based in London, we will discuss the contemporary relevance of the United Nations founding document of human rights. 

The talk will focus on the reality of extreme poverty across the world, and the need for human rights to be protected by the rule of law within every nation - particularly Article 25 of the Universal Declaration, which proclaims the right of everyone to an adequate standard of living.

We aim to stimulate discussion about the importance of fulfilling economic and social rights in the UK and across the world. Above all, STWR will demonstrate how implementing Article 25 into a set of binding, enforceable obligations through domestic and international laws is one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century.

Participants are invited to further engage with these issues, and to join a global movement that calls on governments to end poverty as an overriding priority.

Time: 3-4pm on Thursday 10th December 

To join the discussion, please email Victoria Gater to express interest: victoria[at]sharing[dot]org

The event is organised in coordination with Dr Karen Bennett, Lecturer in Human Rights, School of Advanced Study (SAS), University of London, Human Rights Consortium.