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New STWR book: The spiritual dimensions of a climate emergency

10 January 2020

STWR have published a book version of the popular dialogue with Mohammed Sofiane Mesbahi, titled ‘The intersection of politics and spirituality in addressing the climate crisis’.

The extended interview with Mesbahi—now available in print for a wider audience—provides an inspiring answer to the most important question of our time. What is preventing us from rapidly transitioning to clean energy and adopting more equitable, simpler ways of living?

Beginning with a policy-related discussion of the UN climate change negotiations, this book explores the profounder spiritual reasons for a planetary emergency that stems from our lack of right human relations.  

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The interview was initially conducted at the time of the Paris climate conference in 2015—the first truly universal deal to tackle climate change. Four years on, the challenging views put forth by Mesbahi are now more pertinent than ever.

To paraphrase the book’s central message, it is not enough to focus on the ‘outer’ issues alone of ecological destruction and atmospheric pollution. Climate change is symbolically a great spiritual guide, says the author, one that is trying to unify humanity with awareness of the needs of the world as a whole.

“It’s as if even the weather is asking us to stop dividing ourselves from the spiritual unity of mankind, meaning that we can never bring about a simpler and more joyful mode of living until enough people engage their hearts with the interlinking issues of ending poverty and saving the environment.”

Altogether, the wide-ranging dialogue acts as an introduction to Mesbahi’s pioneering vision of mass civic engagement towards a common cause for sharing the world’s resources. The perennial themes raised throughout form the basis of further writings that are being published as part of an ongoing series entitled Studies on the Principle of Sharing, of which more can be found at www.sharing.org

Further resources

An online version of the book is available at: www.sharing.org/climate-crisis

To read more publications by Mohammed Mesbahi, visit: Studies on the principle of sharing

For more information about STWR, visit: www.sharing.org

To buy the book in paperback, hardback or as an e-book, visit Troubadour, Amazon and other retail outlets. It is also available at STWR's online shop 

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