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10 demands for an energy system based on people power and justice

Guest content
05 December 2018

Friends of the Earth International’s People Power Now manifesto sets out positive measures that will accelerate the transition towards a climate just world.

In 2018, climate change made its presence felt in every corner of the world – and people are looking for solutions.

People Power Now is Friends of the Earth International’s manifesto for a just transformation of our energy system – based on 10 demands. It is the culmination of years of dialogue, research and movement building, across every continent, with our member groups and allies.

It represents our renewed commitment to building the system that peoples and the planet need. It is a testament to a world which is not only possible, but which is ready to come to fruition. We are ready for a world based on justice and sustainability.

People everywhere are already building this world; indigenous peoples and frontline communities have long been putting these values into practice. Now we need to build power, together, to change the system and to make energy sovereignty and climate justice a reality.

Each demand sets out a positive measure that will accelerate the transition towards a climate just world. We will use it as a mobilising tool. It will inspire. We will elevate it at local community meetings, in our national advocacy work and at global mobilisations. It will help us to step forward in every space where solutions are called for, so that we can ensure the microphone is in the hands of frontline communities. It will crowd out and shut down calls for false solutions and dangerous distractions.

People Power Now!

“People all over the world are already living or implementing thousands of initiatives which embody justice and challenge the capitalist logic. Now we must expand them. The magnitude of the crises we face demands system change, and that system change will result in the creation of sustainable societies and new relations between human beings, and between human beings and nature, based on equality and reciprocity.”
Karin Nansen, Chair of Friends of the Earth International

Read the full report: People Power Now Manifesto (pdf)

Original source: Friends of the Earth International

Image credit: Some rights reserved by Friends of the Earth International, flickr creative commons