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Past events

Global Climate Strike: Fridays For Future

Event / 15th March 2019

On March 15, many school students plan to participate in a coordinated strike that will take place across the globe. Several organisations and people across more than 40 countries are planning to strike, from South Korea to Tanzania and Peru. 

Share The World's Resources: A panel event at Cambridge University

Event / 28th January 2019

Share The World’s Resources is teaming up with Cambridge Homeless Outreach Programme and Cambridge University Amnesty International to outline the case for achieving the United Nation's longstanding vision of "better standards of life in larger freedom".  

Leicester Human Rights Arts and Film Festival

Event / 10th December 2018

The 5th annual Leicester Human Rights Arts and Film Festival opens with "Human Rights Without Borders", an event that brings together a number of groups that have "___ without Borders" as part of their name or groups that share the "without Borders" ethos.

Campaign against Climate Change

Together for climate justice

Event / 1st December 2018

The recent IPCC report is a landmark for our planet, setting out just what is at stake if we breach 1.5C warming.