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Report / 20th July 2020

STWR’s activities in 2019 remained focused on the core objective of promoting our vision of a massive worldwide citizen’s movement to end hunger and poverty. Read more about our activities in 2019 and future plans. 

Report / 8th July 2020

Global poverty is rising, directly contradicting the mainstream wisdom that it is being eradicated, according to a new report to the UN. States are completely off-track to meet their goal of extreme poverty eradication by 2030, and COVID-19 is now rapidly impoverishing many more.

Report / 9th June 2020

Resnična ekonomija delitve predstavlja konec starih poti, ki jih opredeljuje hlastanje za dobičkom in tekmovalni sebični interes, medtem ko se nova doba delitve in sodelovanja med državami lahko začne šele s končanjem lakote v svetu, v katerem je na voljo obilo finančnega kapitala in razpoložljivih dobrin.

Report / 13th May 2020

An overhaul of the world’s food and health systems is needed to tackle malnutrition, a “threat multiplier” that is now the leading cause of ill health and deaths globally, according to new analysis.