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Report / 1st October 2012

Part 3 of the report 'Financing the Global Sharing Economy' introduces the 10 policies that could enable the international community to mobilise more than $2.8 trillion within a short number of years, money that governments should use to strengthen and scale up the sharing economy both nationally and globally.

Report / 1st October 2012

This section of the report 'Financing the Global Sharing Economy' argues that preventing the excessive leakage of revenues through tax avoidance and tax evasion is perhaps the first and most important step governments can take to secure additional financial resources and strengthen the sharing economy.

Report / 1st October 2012

This section of the report Financing the Global Sharing Economy argues that there can be no justification for advanced economies redistributing so little of their national incomes to assist those living in extreme poverty around the world. It presents the need for a much more generous vision of overseas development assistance, alongside major reforms to the international aid architecture.

Report / 27th June 2012

If world leaders and policymakers are paying merely lip service to the unfolding human and environmental catastrophe, is the growing power of the people's voice sufficient to challenge the immense forces that stand in the way of creating a just and sustainable world?

Blog / 20th June 2012

As we celebrate National Sharing Day, let’s make sure we advocate for sharing in all its forms. The true milestone for the Age of Sharing will be the creation of a global sharing economy that ensures we end poverty and live sustainably.