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Report / 13th July 2021

The number of people who did not have enough food to eat rose steeply during the Covid-19 pandemic to include almost a third of the world, according to a new UN report.

Report / 12th July 2021

11 people are likely dying every minute from hunger, now outpacing COVID-19 fatalities, warns Oxfam.

Global climate strike. Dead planet soon, act now! System change, not climate change!
Event / 24th September 2021

On September 24, people around the world will strike to demand climate justice! Learn more and register via the links here. 

News / 7th July 2021

More than 800 international organizations, NGOs, farming groups and experts call for agroecology, organic, and regenerative agriculture to top the agenda at this year’s UN Food Systems Summit.

World Peace Congress, Barcelona, October 2021
Event / 15th October 2021

The second World Peace Congress in Barcelona, Spain, will bring together a wide variety of experts and advocates from all around the world to share strategies and articulate alternatives together.