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Corporate power

Report / 23rd March 2024


Report / 22nd March 2024

In a new report, Oxfam accuses major global corporations of 'grabbing' vital water resources at the expense of local populations, particularly in the Global South.

Blog / 13th March 2024


News / 12th March 2024

UN expert calls for an urgent and radical shift in how business and the global economy operates to prevent irreversible damage to Earth’s life support system and safeguard human rights.

Blog / 12th March 2024

Just a portion of what taxpayers in each state send to the Pentagon and its weapons companies could end poverty in their states, writes Paul Shannon.

Blog / 29th February 2024

A civil society statement to the 13th WTO Ministerial Conference in Abu Dhabi calls for an alternative international trade framework based on food sovereignty.

Report / 18th January 2024

Global Justice Nowの新たな報告書によると、世界のトップ企業は、インフレと生活費危機のさなか、市場での独占力を利用して価格を引き上げ、高値を維持しています。2022年までの5年間で、世界上位20社の平均「値上げ」は約50%に上昇しました。

Report / 18th January 2024

The world’s top companies are using their monopoly power in their markets to hike prices and keep them high amid inflation and a cost of living crisis. In the five years to 2022, for the world’s top 20 companies, the average “markup” has risen to around 50 per cent.

Report / 15th January 2024

世界の最富裕者5人は、2020年以降、資産を4,050億ドルから8,690億ドルへと2倍以上に増やしました(1時間当たり1,400万ドルの割合)。一方、50億人近くが貧困化していることが、不平等と世界的な企業権力に関するオックスファムの新たな報告書で明らかになりました 。

Report / 15th January 2024

The world’s five richest men have more than doubled their fortunes from $405 billion to $869 billion since 2020 —at a rate of $14 million per hour— while nearly five billion people have been made poorer.