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New beginnings in the age of sharing

31 December 2015

Share The World's Resources December 2015 newsletter highlights our most recent articles and blogs, and notes how the emerging debate on the need for more effective forms of economic sharing is more visible than ever, especially in the face of pressing international crises such as climate change.

In 2015, a global call for sharing was expressed in almost every field of political activism on a new and unprecedented scale. From our perspective at Share The World’s Resources (STWR), this is a sign of great hope that humanity is ready to undergo the momentous transformations that will be needed as we transition to a more just, sustainable and peaceful world. In all directions, the stage is set for a great planetary debate that will define the new age—a debate that will inevitably be focused on how to implement the principle of sharing into world affairs.

Perhaps the clearest indication that this debate is growing louder by the day was in the civil society activism during the recent climate talks in Paris (see the STWR editorial below). Both before and during the two-week summit, campaigners articulated how fairness and equity is key to the success of any climate negotiations, which are essentially predicated on how to fairly share the Earth’s atmospheric space between rich and poor countries. Demands for rich countries to remember their #FairShares at COP21 was even a rallying cry of protesters who staged actions outside the talks.

In other fields of activism and new economic thinking, the call for sharing is now a central theme—not least within the ‘big inequality debate’ that is arguably one of the greatest issues of our time. Throughout this year, STWR has engaged with many of these diverse research and campaign initiatives that propose more effective forms of sharing as a solution to humanity’s problems. From the degrowth and commons debates to the anti-poverty, environmental justice and peace movements, there is evidence emerging everywhere of a new consciousness that embraces our global interdependence and oneness.

Our annual review summarises some of the reflections by STWR this year on these various themes and activities, which we will continue to highlight throughout 2016. Below is also a summary of recent content published on sharing.org, including Mohammed Mesbahi’s timeless article: Christmas, the system and I. We hope you may take the time to read or re-read this article during this holiday season, and we look forward to releasing a series of further studies by Mesbahi in the coming year—including a book version of his signature work Heralding Article 25.

Latest content from STWR

The true meaning of Christmas
At this time of year, it is easy to forget the reality of the critical world situation as we partake in the frantic overconsumption and festivities of Christmas. But what is the true meaning of Christmas in the midst of environmental destruction, growing levels of poverty and escalating global tensions?

Annual review 2015
Our annual review for 2015 provides an overview of STWR’s activities over the course of the year as well as our key areas of focus for 2016, which includes ongoing research and writing projects alongside new plans for campaigning, networking and publications. 

STWR’s verdict on the Paris Agreement
There is no true ambition or justice in a global climate deal that undermines the principles of sharing, equity and justice. But after the ‘COP-out’ negotiations in Paris, there is still every hope that the growing power of the people’s voice can usher in a more equal and sustainable world.​

United Earth: STWR at the Conference of Movements (COM21)
In a presentation at the launch of ‘United Earth’, STWR highlighted the social, environmental and spiritual dimensions of interconnected global crises, and argued that it is high time that progressives and civil society organisations united on common platforms for transformative change.

STWR at the World Goodwill seminar 2015: Rebuilding the shrine of human living  
During an interview and discussion with the audience at the annual World Goodwill seminar in London, STWR highlighted the increasingly urgent need for concerned citizens to demand that governments enact the pressing structural reforms needed to address interconnected social, political and environmental crises.

Ten billion reasons to demand system change
With the release of a refreshingly pessimistic science-based documentary that connects human development with the global ecological crisis, there is even more reason for concerned citizens to take to the streets in unprecedented numbers to demand a radical shift in government priorities.

After the Paris attacks: affirming our common humanity through a global call for sharing
The terrorist attacks in Paris compels us to acknowledge the deeper causes of the resentment that gave rise to ISIS, and to unite behind a far-reaching demand for sharing the world’s resources.

#GlobalGoals? The truth about poverty and how to address it
It's high time UN agencies and the mainstream media acknowledge the true scale of global poverty and engage in a long overdue public debate on how ambitious and transformative the international development agenda really is. 

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