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The following books are written by STWR's founder, Mohammed Sofiane Mesbahi, as part of a series titled 'Studies on the Principle of Sharing'. Other introductory materials by STWR demonstrate how the call for economic sharing embodies the need for justice, human rights and sound environmental stewardship to guide policymaking at every level of society.

Studies on the principle of sharing, by Mohammed Sofiane Mesbahi

These seven articles were originally published over the course of 2011 to 2014, during the momentous revolutionary period that followed the global financial crisis. But the vision within this collection of writings goes far beyond that single historical moment and has even greater relevance and urgency today. 

First published by Troubadour books in 2020. 

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After so many years of political inaction only the massed goodwill of ordinary people can bring about an end to poverty in a world of plenty through enormous and continual protests across all countries. So let’s take the path of least resistance and jointly herald the long-agreed human rights of Article 25—for adequate food, housing, healthcare and social security for all.

First published by Troudabour books in 2016. Revised second edition published in 2021.

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A truly universal and unconditional basic income is ultimately feasible within each nation, coordinated under the auspices of the United Nations. Yet this will initially depend on an unparalleled degree of public support for the cause of ending hunger and needless deprivation, based on a fairer sharing of the world’s resources. 

First published by Troubadour books in January 2020. 

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The sharing economy: Inaugurating an age of the heart

The sharing economy represents the end of the old ways defined by the pursuit of profit and competitive self-interest, while a new age of intergovernmental sharing and cooperation can only begin through the channel of ending hunger in a world that has such an abundance of financial capital and available resources.

First published by Share The World's Resources in November 2016. Print edition first published January 2022. 

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The following interview with Mohammed Sofiane Mesbahi was initially conducted at the time of the Paris climate conference in December, 2015—the first truly universal deal to tackle climate change. Four years on, the views put forth in this extended discussion—now presented as a book for a wider audience—are more pertinent than ever.

Published by Troubadour books in December 2019.

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The Commons of Humanity, by Mohammed Sofiane Mesbahi

We are unable to seriously envision a new economic paradigm for managing the earth’s shared resources, unless we first contemplate the need for a psychosocial transformation across the world, whereby the awareness of the average person is expanded to embrace the common good of humanity as a whole.

First published by Share The World's Resources in April 2017. Special print edition published by Troubadour books in 2022. 

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This accessible report gives a concise introduction to the principle of sharing in relation to the interconnected global crises we face, and makes a simple case for how the world’s wealth, power and resources can be shared more equitably and sustainably.

First published by Share The World's Resources in 2014. 

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This report demonstrates how a call for sharing underpins many existing initiatives for social justice, environmental stewardship, true democracy and global peace. On this basis, STWR argues that sharing should be more widely promoted as a common cause that can help connect civil society organisations and social movements under a united call for change.

First published by Share The World's Resources in December 2014. 

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A report by STWR demonstrates how governments could mobilise over $2.8 trillion each year to bolster the global sharing economy and prevent life-threatening deprivation, reverse austerity measures and mitigate the human impacts of climate change.

First published by Share The World's Resources in October 2012. 

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