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Finance and debt

Blog / 2nd October 2018

Redistribution via the tax code, progressives on both sides of the Atlantic are realizing, only takes us so far. We need to start limiting inequality before it can dig in, writes Sam Pizzigati for Inequality.org.

Blog / 14th September 2018

On 15 September, it will be ten years since the collapse of Lehman Brothers opened a Pandora’s Box. Movements across Europe are commemorating the date with acts of disobedience to relaunch our struggle to rebuild democracy, which can only be done by controlling finance, writes Susan George.

News / 10th September 2018

先週末、25万人以上の人々が95カ国において900以上の活動に参加しました。化石燃料を地中にとどめ、万人のための100%再生可能エネルギーへの迅速かつ公正な移行を果たす政治的行動を、このRise for Climate(気候変動のために立ち上がれ)の運動は要求しました。

Report / 31st August 2018

Complementarities between Vivir Bien, degrowth, the commons, deglobalisation and other proposals are fundamental to advance in the process of constructing systemic alternatives, according to a book compilation edited by Pabo Solón and published by Fundación Solón, Attac France and Focus on the Global South.

News / 20th August 2018

例え人類が「今日現在の濃度において温室ガスを止めたとしても、今後20年から100年の間大気は暖まり続けるだろう」と米国大洋大気庁(NOAA)の海洋学者が警告 - Common Dreamsのジェシカ・コーベットが書いています。

Article / 20th August 2018


Article / 13th June 2018

There are increasing warnings of an imminent new financial crisis, not only from the billionaire investor George Soros, but also from eminent economists associated with the Bank of International Settlements, the bank of central banks.

Report / 4th June 2018


Article / 31st May 2018

According to the latest report by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), in total, countries around the world spent $ 1.739 billion on arms in 2017. Although there was a marginal increase of 1.1 percent rise in real terms on 2016, the total global spending in 2017 is the highest since the end of the cold war.

Article / 31st May 2018

A new report reveals how western banks and governments turn a blind eye to billions of pounds’ worth of wealth, generated across west Africa, that is squirrelled away offshore, often out of sight of the tax authorities. By Phillip Inman.