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Latest posts from Share The World's Resources

27 September 2016

Read below the most recent posts from STWR that includes our editorials, articles, book publications and events. To receive our monthly newsletters by email and keep informed of our activities, please sign up here

News: Visit our updated campaigns page and learn more about how you can get involved 

News: Download materials for Article 25 campaigning

Share The World's Resources: A panel event at Cambridge University

Event: STWR talk at Kent University on the importance of Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Event: STWR talk on reclaiming the Universal Declaration of Human Rights for ‘we the peoples of the United Nations'

Article: A global people’s bailout for the coming crash

Report: Das Gemeingut der Menschheit

Article: Reclaiming the UN's radical vision of global economic justice

Article: As the Universal Declaration of Human Rights turns 70, it’s time to resurrect its vision of global sharing and justice

Report: STWR's Annual Report for 2018

Article: Un discorso sugli "ismi" e sul principio della condivisione

News: Join STWR on demonstrations for Article 25

Article: STWR present our campaign vision at the Green Party conference

Article: Initiating a Global Citizens Movement for the Great Transition

Article: Un dialogo su protesta, condivisione e giustizia

Article: Unire il popolo del mondo

Article: Let's unite and demonstrate the true meaning of Christmas

Article: Natale, il sistema ed io

Blog: Share The World's Resources at the BIEN Congress in Lisbon, Portugal in September 2017

Article: Implementing Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and a basic income guarantee

Blog: New STWR publication: a strategic vision for the basic income movement

Book: Towards a universal basic income for all humanity

News: Nova publikacija: "Razglasitev 25. člena" Mohammeda Mesbahija v obliki e-knjige

Article: Commercializzazione: l'antitesi della condivisione

Book: The commons of humanity

Article: Article 25 and a Universal Basic Income: the perfect match

Article: It’s time to reawaken the spirit of Occupy for the starving millions

Book: Wahre Sharing Economy: Die Zeit des Herzens

Article: The path to achieving a truly universal basic income

Report: STWR's Annual Report for 2017

Article: The case for sharing and hope in 2017

STWR interview: Awakening the heart for a great transition

Book: La verdadera economía del compartir: inaugurando una era del corazón

STWR editorial: Home truths about the climate emergency

Book: The true sharing economy: inaugurating an age of the heart

Article: The struggle continues for a binding treaty to #StopCorporateAbuse

Book: Der Kreuzpunkt von Politik und Spiritualität in Bezug auf die Klimakrise

Article: Standing in solidarity for a humanity without borders

Book: Razglasitev 25. člena: ljudska strategija za preoblikovanje sveta

STWR editorial: The call for sharing as #OneHumanity

STWR book now available: ‘Heralding Article 25’, by Mohammed Mesbahi

Book: The intersection of politics and spirituality in addressing the climate crisis: An interview with Mohammed Mesbahi

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Image credit: Richard Lemarchand, flickr creative commons